Leader Reznor the Fixer
Inhabitants Bronzers, Refugees, Criminals
Resources Trade, Security, Entertainment, Thunderdome
Population Unknown

Bartertown is a market-town outpost situated in the midst of the wasteland.


The town is situated in a rocky outcrop in the Wastelands and was probably the location of a mining operation at some point in time. A useless railroad line that stretches from the trade hub and ends some hundred yards away towards the west strengthens this possibility.





Its primary focus and source of revenue is the trade and bartering with scavengers in the area, and travelers passing through.

Bartertown is powered by the methane gas extracted from pig feces in Underworld, the catacombs beneath the town. Underworld is maintained by a workforce comprised of those who "ask for work"--primarily refugees and grifters--as well as convicted criminals.


Bartertown is the location of the renowned gladiatorial arena known as the Thunderdome.

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